Geelong Apartments: Your New Home

The Geelong Real Estate Company, the businesses and vacant lands reserved to continue the development to continue being in demand and to be popular as "city by the bay" that emerges from the 1930's industrialized housing to be a well serviced coastal city that is made affordable to the people with its very impressive development foreshore, the parkland and will also pave the way for it to be internationally well renowned "Great Ocean Road".

The capital state of Melbourne, Australia is just an easy thing to commute with only one hour away thru either railway or the Princes Highway. The redeveloped Avalon recently is also just a fifteen minute drive from the central Geelong and it also provides different flights to a lot of Australian, even to some destinations internationally. Geelong is actually the second biggest city there in Victoria and is also the 12th largest in Australia.

Geelong is also a very unique place for a person to live because he can experience a blend of a hilltop mansion, a classic of Victoria, apartments that are also modern, the foreshore promenade that is very stunning and above all, a quiet street. This city also continue to change itself and be a modern or contemporary option with beautiful restaurants in Melbourne, the bars, and also the cafes along with the shopping strip and their own university and the hospital. With all of these things, you've got to enjoy the kind of lifestyle that Geelong can offer you.

New apartments geelong have also provided an easily located "sea change" place for the people on Melbourne who have change their residence in a short distance from Geelong and to some of the towns that are arterial of the Queenscliff, Torguay as well as the Apollo Bay.

By this moment of writing, the properties located in Geelong approximately starts from $90,000 to approximately $150,000 which comes already with a unit of two bedroom in the areas of Belmont, the Breakwater, Grovedale and also Whittington.

The ex-housing three bedroom unit commissions have a modest allotment of 600 sqm at the beginning costs about a $150,000 in Geelong suburbs that is cheaper in Corio and Norlane. While the modern, new as well as the fully optioned houses in places like the Springs and the Waurn Pond with a larger and older brick houses that can be located in the bay side of the towns like Portalington at St. Leonards and the Intended Head at a price of around $450,000.

With around a $800,000, you can already expect a home with a Federation style that is overlooking the Geelong city as well as the Corio Bay.

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